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20 Minute Art Piece Made During My Lunch Break

Mountain Painting

At a previous job I worked part time and in my off days completed courses in various types of programming. While on my lunch breaks at home I would sometimes create a quick piece of art in half hour just for practive. Most never saw the light of day as I just did them as exercises and then scrapped them but this one I quite liked.

It was created in Photoshop using a graphics tablet and is disgustingly easy to make as each of the mountain lines across the piece is on its own layer and the skyline is just created with the lasso tool selecting random points to create the ridge. The points when they hit the edge are sent down to the bottom of the screen and the shape filled out. I just coloured the layers becoming less vibrant and saturated as they go back to create distance and stick to similar cool colours. The clouds are added to the sky layer behind the final mountain line that I add some highlights too and finally I use a couple of custom tree brushes with some mild brush dynamics applied to quickly add to the forgreound layers. 20 minute piece that's simple, minimalist and effective.