Artwork | Pillars Of Creation Glitch Art

A 3D Model Using Textures From NASA

Pillars Of Creation Glitch Art

This is made from a single image in a 3D modelling program using the Hubble Space Telescope's picture of the Pillars of Creation.

Over an 8 second period, I then set two processes going to get this effect. The first is to change the height of each pixel of the image based on its brightness value which ramps up over time.

To make this easier to see the second process zooms the camera in from the start position of 2.95m away to 0.95m while inversely changing the focal length of the camera from 75mm to 25mm, which if I did it right means you can't actually tell them camera moved at all and you just get the whoosh effect.

All in all weird piece but just something new and quick I hadn't tried before.