Artwork | Squirtle Sculpt

Water Simulation Mixed With Basic Sculpting

Squirtle Sculpt

For a slightly different challenge after the glass of water simulation I decided to crank up the water pressure sideways and just see what happens. It kind of looked like a water pistol blast, which with all the recent Pokemon Go hype just led to me thinking of Squirtle.

I then had the problem of modelling something that didn't look terrible, which only having dealt with low-poly models until now, was hard to get my head around. A quick look through the Blender docs pointed out there is a virtual sculpture mode that acts like traditional clay sculpting with the benefit of being able to undo. I started with a simple sphere and then carved out spaces for the eyes and thickened the eyebrows. Following the same process I hollowed out the mouth and filled out the cheeks.

The rest was simple texturing and composing lights and a backdrop to finish out the scene. I know it's by no means a great piece, and there is a lot that could be improved but the processes were all good practice.