Small projects in Python, VBA for Excel and other bits of programming.

Code And Programming

The use of code and programming is something I have worked on over the last few years for both use in the office and just out of interest. To be truthful, the original starting point of me getting into coding was through necessity of needing to work smarter and not harder. There was a point where I worked a job where my team became much smaller over time with the same expected work output. This lead to me finding the benefit of being able to automate repetitive tasks and be more efficient with data work.

When I became a little more comfortable with programming I moved onto picking up HTML and CSS alongside PHP. At the time I worked in marketing on a website that was managed mostly externally on the programming front with us having access to a bespoke back end system that could modify the front end in some ways. Over time I grew more comfortable to the point I started coding whole website and migrated my work website to a new platform I could have a lot more control on alongside another external company for in depth work above my level. This lead to me working at multiple companies managing websites on systems such as OpenCart and Magento with product ranges between 8,000 product lines up to one containing over 86,000 product lines.

For the last year or so I have mostly been working in VBA to help streamline and automate day to day processes in the office within Excel. Programming is no longer my primary job role but it no doubt helps me bring something new to the table that the team have not had before. I have also managed to integrate and automate a lot of day to day tasks that we do in our back office system of SAP which has helped make huge changes to the way the team work with tasks that were previously highly manual and very slow.

Project Euler With Python

An experiment into solving project Euler problems using Python in Jupyter.

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Python Projects

Various examples of Python based projects I have put together.

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VBA Basics

Some really basic pieces of code and concepts that help get started with VBA in Excel.

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VBA Projects

A few examples of VBA based projects I have put together either for myself or for work.

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Project Euler With VBA

An experiment into solving project Euler problems using VBA programming in excel.

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